Great things are happening!!!

If you are interested in classes (weaving, spinning, knitting or crochet), please call!  The class schedule will be updated soon!

I do plan on having a weaving class in June, so please call to sign up!  Payment is required to secure your spot.

Hi Everyone!

I have still been running my business (if you didn’t know)…taking orders, giving lessons, delivery items, but have finally found the perfect location for a new “Teaching Studio” and Retail Store!  We are working very hard to get things just right and be ready to welcome you all back to Entwine!!!  We have a goal of Friday, May 24th…let’s see how we do!  I have had several Friends asking to help and the day will come when I will need help!  So…if you want to volunteer, please email me at entwinecos@gmail.com and I’ll let you know when I’m ready for help!

The new location will be at:
4003 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
which is one block east of Nevada, off Mount View Lane.

More news soon!

Thank You for Your Support!
Entwine Studio
719-433-3207 (business)
719-761-1211 (cell)