Fiber Arts Stop on Tejon – Surprise Vendor this Saturday and Sunday only!

Saturday, August 22 starts our Fiber Arts Stop on Tejon (FAST). Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday August 23rd only will be hosting a surprise vendor and she will have the following:

Diamond Yarn – new to the USA.
(a variety of fibers)

Peter Pan, Wendy and Erika Knight – all from the U.K.

Sirdar, Hayfield, Sublime and Baa Ram Ewe

Sassy Skeins – Beautiful cotton yarns and fabulous kits.

North American Suri Company
(Alpaca and Alpaca Blend Yarns made in the USA)

JaJaJa Purses – Made in the USA.
(accessory bags to very large yarn bags)

Happy Bags, etc. – Made in the USA.
(Celebrating 25 Years!!!)

Great Adirondack

Baa Ram Ewe

Erika Knight

JaJaJa Purses Four

JaJaJa Purses One

JaJaJa Purses Three

JaJaJa Purses Two

North American Suri

Sassy Skeins One

Sassy Skeins Two


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