Entwine Studio is Closing for Good on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Hi Everyone,
Entwine Studio is Closing for Good on Saturday, October 13, 2018.
Please accept my sincere heartfelt appreciation for your Friendship and Support through the years!  It’s been a wild ride for just under four years and the time has come that I accept the fact that I need to retire!  It is not easy running a business and I feel I have been successful, even with all the challenges that I had to overcome.  I will still be attending The Pikes Peak Weavers Guild Meetings and please know that I’ll definitely be around.  If you are able to, it would be great if you would come and see me this last week.  I’ll be open for only four more days…Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Friday, October 12th, Lee and I will be going up to Boulder for the day, so we will not be open.  If you are interested in keeping in touch with me, let me know by sending a message to my personal email: pamelabardwell@gmail.com.
Some of you have orders pending from Schacht (that’s our main stop on Friday) and those orders will be available for pick up on Saturday.  If you are unable to come on Saturday, other arrangements will of course be made.
If there are any other concerns you may have, please direct them to me at my personal email.
Thank You for Your Support!
719-433-3207 (shop)
719-761-1211 (cell)

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